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Hope Animal Rescues " Large Dogs" Page
In Memory of the ones we could not save....
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Molly Mollyuna
Molly is a three year old Chow Lab Mix
female. She is a VERY good dog if you are
not a man, a kid, or another dog.
She likes women, LOVES the frisbee,
tennis ball, frisbee, did we say frisbee? Oh
yeah she would make a GREAT frisbee dog!
She knows basic commands, has been
trained on a gentle leader, she is house
trained, crate trained, and knows sit,shake,
down, heel, wait,back, and gentle.
Molly is not a dog for everyone, but she is
the perfect dog for someone, we just hope
that someone looks her up here.
Lulu is a one and a half year
old cattle dog mix female.
She is friendly, likes to play,
and loves people.
She was adopted as a puppy
and returned because the
families older dog began
attacking her and the family
was afraid for Lulu.
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Terry is a two year old female
American Staffordshire Terrier.
She was rescued from Chicago Animal
Control where she had been dumped by
her owner, most likely because she was
going to have puppies.
She came to us scared,shy, and had not
much trust of people at all.  A couple
weeks after rescue she gave birth to 10
puppies, those puppies were not born
healthy thanks to everything mommy
had been through and four passed away.
Today Terry is a VERY healthy, treat
sitting fool! Everyone she catches a
glimpse of might have a treat so she
follows everyone until they notice her
at which time she sits all pretty just like
in this picture.
Terry does not do well with female
dogs, nor cats, or small dogs of any sex.
She needs a home where she can be the
only dog, and have an endless supply of
Poochie is a 2 year old Blue Pit Bull
Female.  She was rescued on her last day of
life at animal control.
Poochie weighs 57 lbs, and is very friendly
with all people.
We have not dog tested her, so we do not
know yet about other dogs.
We do know NO CATS! They look like
prey to her.
Poochie is an active girl and would like a
family who is also active, she enjoys walks,
water, fetching, tug of war, and knows how
to sit for her treats.
She is house trained, and as you can see
has a pretty smile.
Come on and give this girl a minute of your
We think she can win you over.
Chloe has had a rough life.  She is a 2 year old
American Staffordshire Terrier female, Silver grey in
color. Her owner was not responsible and did not
teach her any manners at all. She had gotten into
trouble for running at large several times because
her owner would never leash her, nor did he have a
fenced yard to let her out in, so he just let her out.
Well you can imagine the havoc she caused being 78
lbs and running at large with no manners.
She has been with us now for a couple months and
has learned how to walk on leash, sit, shake, along
with some other basic manners that she really did
Now she is a nice dog and understand more how to
act around people and not jump all crazy on you.
This girl is really pretty in person with the most
beautiful color coat and eyes.
Just a sweetie in nature that someone just didn't
teach well.
Roxie came to us on her very last day of life
from animal control. She is a two year old
Rottweiler mix female. She was deemed not
adoptable because she had a tail, yep that was
her only flaw.  A Rottie is to have their tail
bobbed and someone did not do hers.
She is oh so loving, house trained, walks well
on her leash, is good with all people including
The only fault we can find is that she really
doesn't care for other dogs. She is an alpha
female.  But in every other aspect of her
personality she is perfect.
Rosie Posie
Rosie is a 3 year old Pit Bull mix female.
She is a big girl who thinks she is a lap dog.
She is great with kids and all people, not so
But hey we all have our limits.
She is house trained, well behaved in the
home and is a really great companion.
All smiles, all the time.  
Cricket is a 3 year old Boxer/Pit mix
female. She weighs 72 lbs and is house
trained. She is not fond of other dogs at all
and woudldreally just like to be the only
four legged princess in the home.
She is good with kids and all people.
She is very pretty, short and stocky.
She is perfect for the family who really
only wants one dog as the other dog thing
is truly her only flaw.
Patsy is a super sweet 4 year old mix
breed dog. She is adorable in person,
seems to be okay with other dogs, loves
kids and adults, is house trained and
always has a smile to show off.
She is the perfect age, past the chewing
stage, past the chasing stage, past the
ADHD stage and really listens well.
Patsy weighs 72 lbs.
Missy is about 1.5 to 2 years
Pittie mix brindle who was
rescued all the way from
Chicago animal control.
She likes all people is good
with most other dogs and loves
to be with you.
She is house trained, crate
trained and is well mannered.
Arlen is a special boy, he is super
friendly, LOVES water, LOVES people,
LOVES car rides and just LOVES any
adventure you introduce him to.
He would do best in a home with an
active family so he could go on lots of
adventures like camping, hiking, jogging
and plenty of water sports.
He hopes that the right family will come
along and take him with them.
Meet Lil Miss 'Echo'!
... a super sweet pittie that came to Hope Rescues via
Alton Animal Control. Echo is a soft caramel color with
some white markings, and weighs about 35-40 lbs. She
came to Hope Rescues just after having her puppies, so
she was very confused and frightened.
Echo is believed to be approximately two years old. She
is such a good girl and never dirties her room and she
also know some commands. When she arrived at Hope, it
was obvious that at one time she had been someone's
special girl, as she had evidence of gold nail polish on her
toenails. Echo loves to play ball and give kisses, and with
her sweet smile and her lil' cocked ear, she'll win your
heart before you know it! How she ended up being alone,
is anyone's guess, but, all she wants now is to have a
forever home and lots of lovin'... and maybe, just maybe,
to have her toe nails painted once again~
Echo would prefer to be the only dog in the home.
Peyton is a 3 year old Female St. Bernard/Great Pyreneese/Lab
mix.  She is sweet, gentle and loving in nature.  She weighs
65lbs.  She is going to make some lucky family a great buddy.
Rocky is a 4 year old Boxer mix male who was rescued from a
horrible life.  He was abused and neglected and has some scars
from that both physically and emotionally. Rocky has a limp that is
permanent from his abuse. He loves other dogs and plays well with
them. He is shy with strangers for about 2 minutes. lol
He is knee high and chunky.
Bennett is a 1.5 year old Blue
Terrier mix male. He is not good
with other dog but is wonderful
with people. He is house trained
and loves to play fetch.
Bennett enjoys car rides too.
He is super sweet and is perfect
for any family looking to have just
one dog in their life.
Oh and yes his pretty eyes match
the color of his coat.
female.  She is very well behaved and house
trained. She likes to play but can just as
easily adjust to being a couch potato as long
as you are being one with her.
She gets along with other dogs and likes all
people including kids.
Poor Tessa was dumped off and picked up by
animal control where she was on her last 10
minutes of life when we rescued her.
She is so deserving of a home and whoever
gets to take this girl home will be very happy
they did.
Mason is a 2 year old Pit Bull Terrier
male who is oh so handsome with eyes
that look right through you and a smile
that will brighten even your darkest of
He gets along great with the ladies but
it a bit more picky when it comes to his
male buddies.
He is house trained and enjoys playing
really is a diva in disguise. She prefers
to be the only dog because well no
other dog can compete with her beauty.
She is house trained, well mannered in
the home and loves ALL people.
She has the most stunning hazel eyes I
have ever seen and the whitest of teeth
to just knock you out when she smiles.
Hazel weighs 70 lbs and her coat is a
chocolate brown that has very pretty
highlights when she is in the sun.
If she were a human I am sure she
would be a model.
Palmer is a very genlte and
sweet Boxer/Lab mix male about
1.5 years old. He was rescued
from a local animal control
where everyone else passed him
by because he  shook in the
back of his room with fear.
On the day he was to be  
euthanized Hope came in and
took him out. He changed so
much in that first day.
He had ended up at animal
control because his family had
moved and left him chained up in
the back yard all by himself.
The black and white picture is
how we found him at animal
The Sashidharan Family is the sponsor
of Chloe.  They are donating monthly to
her care until her forever home is found.
The Disch Family are the kind sponsors
of Arlen. They help care for him until his
forever home can be found.
Connie Johnes has sponsored Rose
Posie and helps with the costs of caring
for her until a home can be found.
Molly's care has been sponsored by
Kevin and Bethany Chapel.
To meet any of the dogs on this site
please fill out an online application.
All visits are by preapproved
application only.
Snooki is a 2 year old
Shepherd/Pittie mix female.
She is an alpha girl and
female dogs.
She does like Children and
all people. She loves to play
ball and get belly rubs.
She is house trained and
well mannered in the home.
A family who is only
wanting one dog in the
home would be best for her.
She listens well to
commands and is very
Mork is a 1 year old Pit Bull mix
male.  Someone chopped his ears off
to make him look tough but trust us
he is a love bug.
All he wants to do is play and give
He gets along with most other dogs
and absolutely loves children.
Mork is a goofy, sweet young boy.
Richie Rich
Richie Rich is an 1 year old Pit mix male. He is
friendly, good with other dogs and car rides.
He has gorgeous eyes and a sweet temperament .
Look at that face don't you just want to smoosh it?
Lamar is an 11 month old Lab/Sheperd mix male.
SUPER fun dog, loves to play, has crazy ears,
likes other dogs and all people.
This guy is a doll.
You just have to remember that his ears work
opposite of most dogs ears when he hears
something his go down instead of up...It is pretty
funny to watch.
Rilee is a 3 year old Mountain Cur female. She is a little
shy in social situations only because she has not had
very much experience with them. Nothing a little social
skills will not correct.
She is house trained, good with other dogs and likes to
play in the yard.
Rilee weighs 57 lbs.
Cherry is a beautiful Shar Pei Female.
She is estimated to be about 4 years old.
She is picky about her dog friends as is
common with the breed.
She likes all people and for someone
who knows this breed she will make a
wonderful friend to.
She is very well mannered too.

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Roxie's care is being sponsored by Rose Travers
in loving memory of her dog Roxanne.
Nadia is a 2 year old Terrier mix female.
She was rescued with her 2 tiny babies
from animal control.
Nadia loves people, enjoys playing and
car rides.
She is a pretty girl who is house trained
and well mannered in the home.
Leo is a 2 year old American Bulldog male, blue and
white in color.
He is friendly, strong and your typical goofy bulldog.
He does well with female dogs not sure about males.
He likes car rides, walks, belly rubs and chillin' with
his peeps.
This guy is gorgeous and you have to see him in
person to see what I mean.
Jilly Beans
Jilly Beans is a 2 year old PitBull Terrier mix
female. She is friendly and house trained.
She gets along with most dogs and loves all people
including kids.  She is knee high and about 55lbs.
Jilly was found over the winter with her paws frozen
to the pavement and rescued.
She is a really pretty girl with soulful eyes.
Amos is a 1 year old Pittie male who
we first saw via a facebook post
being beaten by his owner in the
back yard with a pole.
The owner was charged with 10
counts of animal abuse and neglect
and Amos was rescued.
He gets along with all dogs, is house
trained and super friendly and
He is a happy boy and ready to find
his happy home.
Nash is a 3 year old Boxer mix male.
very smart and well mannered, friendly
with other dogs.
He weighs about 65lbs and is house
Wonderful dog and will make a family
very happy to have him.
Aspen is a very pretty American
Staffordshire Terrier female, she is
around 1.5 years old.
She likes most other dogs and
prefers male dogs to female dogs.
She is awesome with people of all
ages and house trained.
She knows basiccommands and is
well mannered in the home
Nokia is a 3 year old Black and Tan Coonhound mix male. He is
super duper friendly and mushy.  He leans into you when you pet
him and he enjoys belly rubs. He loves kids and just wants to please
his people.
He is 57lbs but only just over the knee high.
Acer is a 2 year old Boxer mix male.
Very good boy and likes other
animals..He also loves all people
including little one's.
He is a little bit of a ham for the
camera but that just ads to his cute
Acer weighs about 60 lbs.
Farley is a 2 year old American Bulldog/Boxer mix male.
He is super sweet and squishy.
Good with other dogs and all people.
He is house trained and ready to find his new family.
Farley was rescued from Animal Control on his last day of