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In Memory of the ones we could not save....
Hope Animal Rescues "Medium Dogs" Page
Jenny is about a year old and was saved on her last
day of life from Animal Control. She was picked up
as a stray running the streets nearly starved in the
dead of winter.
We think she is a pitbull mix, maybe Beagle and
Pitbull. She is very loving and gentle.
All she wants is to snuggle up to you and get a belly
We have tried her with a few other dogs and she
does pretty good once you get through the initial
She is really pretty.
She weighs about 40 pounds now and is just at the
knee high.
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Kasey was rescued from Chicago animal
control on death row and she is about a year
She is very sweet, friendly, playful, all the
things a puppy should be including not
euthanized in an animal control.
She is lab/pittie but has more of the lab
personality and looks, just smaller.
She fetches very well, sits for a treat, comes
when called, and is getting to be real good
friends with the swimming pool!
She is happy little girl who only needs a real
home to be complete.
Princess was rescued on her last day of life from animal control
in Chicago Illinois.  She is a very pretty tan/white Pittie mix girl.
She LOVES people, LOVES them all. But she does not like all
other dogs or cats.
Princess would love to have all the attention she can get, belly
rubs, walks, car rides, you name it as long as she is with her
person she is happy.
Princess is about 1.5 years old and weighs nearly 50 lbs.
Photograph by: Mauri Taylor
Oso is a 2.5 year old Golden Retriever/Sheltie mix male.  Oso is house
trained, walks well on his leash, and only weighs 32 lbs.
Oso being of the herding breed needs a strong owner. If you are not
consistent with him he will be hard to handle.
Oso has been going to daycare and plays well with every dog we have
introduced him to, he is handled in doggie daycare by both males and
females and does well with both.
Oso was rescued on his last day of life from animal control.  We know
that his previous owner was male and he does tend to listen better to
males than females, but he can be a great dog for anyone who
understand the herding breeds personailty.
This guy is super cute, and just a great little guy.
August is a 1 year old female Pit Bull Terrier mix who
weighs about 42 lbs.  
She was rescued on her last day of life at animal control
where she had been so long in her own pee that her feet
were burnt and had to be treated by the vet so that they
could heal. She could barely walk when we got her but now
she can run and play like a normal young pup should.
She likes all people, some dogs, but no cats at all.
All she wants to do is give kisses, we are trying to teach her
that not everyone wants her to kiss them, but so far it is
falling on deaf ears.
She is crate trained but we have not had her in a home to
see how well she will do there with her house training.
Many of the dogs we rescue are house trained to begin
with, but we want to make sure we are honest about her not
being in a home to verify that.
August is a great dog with a great personality and we hope
that she finds a wonderful home.
Patsy is a 1 year old Black Mouth Mountain Cur female.
She is oh so friendly and playful.  Patsy will do best in an
active home, not an apartment.
She is a smart girl who is always willing to learn new things
and whoever is lucky enough to take her home is gonna
have a really good dog friend in Patsy.
Who could not fall in love with that face?
Lucky girl was tossed out of a truck on a dead end
street, she wasn't eating when she was rescued
and we learned she was terribly sick with Parvo.
She went through several days at the hospital
where she made a full recovery and is now hoping
to find a nicer family than the one's that threw her
out of that truck.
She is young maybe 11 or 13 months, and a
Mountain Cur mix.
Lucky is active, playful, and VERY smart.
Tiger is a Shepherd mix male about 2 years old. He is
house trained, likes all people, and knows how to fetch.
He is curious about everything, and really leans tricks fast.
This guy was rescued on his last day of life from animal
conrol and truly deserves to live a long happy life with a
good family.
Venice is an 11 month old Boxer mix female. She
is very playful, gets along well with most other
dogs, and loves to play fetch.
She is house trained.
Venice was rescued on her last day of life at
animal control.
She is a sweetie you just have to meet.
Lucky Girl
To meet any of the dogs on this site
please fill out an online application.
All visits are by preapproved
application only.
Medium dogs are between 35 and 50 lbs
Kelton is a 2 year old Mountain Curr dog. He is
friendly,active and smart. He does good with
other dogs,likes all people and enjoys car rides,
the outdoors including camping we hear.
This type of breed is very good for outgoing
families he will enjoy anything you want to do
right along with you.
Check him out.
Mandy is a 2 year old PitBull Terrier female who is a pretty silver
brown color.  She is not good with other dogs and we think she was
seriously mistreated as she is very submissive with people like
she has been beaten.
She is gentle with humans and enjoys walks through the park.
She is house trained, rides well in the car, likes belly rubs and
walks well on her leash.
Mandy is a very sweet loving dog who has obviously not been
treated like a part of a family though her actions will tell you in a
heart beat that she truly wants to have a chance at being treated
as a loving member of a family.
Mandy has a big brother who has come and taken her out for the
day to the campus at SIUE where he says she really bonded with
him quickly and was very attentive and calm.  Her big brother said
she will bond very fast with her new person and become very
quickly a very loyal friend.
If you are considering a dog please consider this sweet mistreated
girl.  She will pay you back ten fold for your act of kindness.
Boston is a little Boston Terrier mix female who is 2
years old. She was saved on her last day of life from
animal control. She is very loving and sweet.
She has a chunk missing from one ear from what we do
not know.  
She is house trained, walks well on leash and a very
good dog.
Come on give her a try.. You won't be sorry you did.
Izzy is a female PitBull Terrier about 2 years old. She
does not go well with other dogs and is searching for a
home where she can be the only pet.
With people she is the biggest love bug ever! She is good
with kids, adults, seniors and everyone in between.
She is house trained, crate trained, walks well on leash,
can be trusted in the home alone free other than stealing
your bed when you are not in it.
This girl is the perfect pet for any family looking to adopt
a dog who only wants to have one dog in their home
Sunshine is a sweet little Pittie girl who was
rescued as a cruelty case.
She is friendly, playful and smart.
She is house trained and lo\ikes car rides
Won't you answer her prayers and give her
a home?
Luna is a 1.5 year old Pit Bull
Terrier female. She is perfectly
house trained, walks well on lead,
likes all people and most dogs.
She is knee high and 45 lbs.
She is a pretty Blue Brindle.
Luna is hoping to never be
abandoned again.
Can you help her out with that?
Peaches was rescued from a hoarding situation and is 3 years old. We
think she is a collie/lab mix.  She is sweet, gentle with kids and house
She plays well with other dogs and likes cats too.
She is so cute and every time she sits she holds one paw up all lady like.
Olivia "Livy"
Olivia is a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier who was
rescued at 7 months of age from Animal
Control where her owner had left her to die
because they did not want to pay a fine to get
her out of dog jail.
She is friendly, house trained and loves all
people. She is a bit alpha so a beta female or
male would be a good match for her.
She is not very big at all, maybe 40 lbs and she
is full grown.
This girl is a beauty even though someone cut
her ears off.
Look at that pretty face...
Jewel is a very sweet and friendly 4 year old Blue Pittie female.
She was confiscated from a home during a domestic violence
call. She loves kids, and all people.
She is good with other dogs and even cats.
This pretty girl was taken with her sister Dory to animal control
where they were to be euthanized because their owners had
such a bad home.
Sad that her little life would have to end just because of who her
owner was.
Dory is a very sweet and friendly 4 year old Blue Pittie female.
She was confiscated from a home during a domestic violence call.
She loves kids, and all people.
She is good with other dogs and even cats.
This pretty girl was taken with her sister Jewell to animal control
where they were to be euthanized because their owners had such a
bad home.
Sad that her little life would have to end just because of who her
owner was.
Petey is a 2 year old Basset/Jack
Russell mix male. He is great with
people, loves kids but not good with
other dogs while in his crate.
He is okay outside of his crate with
them so we are not sure what that is
all about.  
He is house trained, pulls on leash
but that can be fixed by regular
walks and getting used to it all.
Petey is just a doll and surely would
make a great friend for some
children and parents who are looking
for a medium sized friend.
Mary Lu Albee has sponsored Sunshine.
Her monthly gift helps pay for her care
until a home is found.
Dawn Shuster is Livy's sponsor. She is
helping by providing a monetary gift to
her each month until she find her home.
Monica Dressler is sponsoring Peaches
care while she is looking for her home
within our adoption program.
Matilda or Mattie
Mattie is a 5 year old Heeler mix
female.  She is very smart, learns
quickly.  She gets along very well
with other dogs and all people.
She only weighs about 40 lbs.
very pretty dog.
Tabitha or Tabbie
Tabbie is a 5 year old Heeler mix female. She is the sister of
Matilda.  We think they could be adopted out apart as long
as there are other dogs in the home. If not we would of
course adopt them as a pair with a discounted adoption fee.
Tabbie gets along very well with other dogs and all people
and is very sweet.
Elmer is some kind of terrier mix male. He is
about 30 lbs and full grown. He hates his crate
and would prefer to live in a home where
there are no crates.  lol
He is house trained and LOVES people. He is
picky about his other dog friends though.
Elmer was saved from animal control where
he had been picked up several times because
the owners allowed him to roam.
He will need a family who has no kids to open
the front door and have him bolt on.
He is way cute and just loves to go
everywhere with you.
Fergie is a 1 year old Chocolate lab mix female.  She is extremely
smart and very athletic.  She loves to learn and be challenged.
She is great with kids and picky about her other dog friends.
She is house trained and crate trained.
This girl is very sweet and loves to snuggle with her humans too.
She only weighs 51 lbs.
Violet is a 2 year old Scruffy
girl.  She is very social and out
going. Likes all people and even
other animals.
She weighs about 40 lbs and is
full grown.
Violet would like to have a home
maybe with some kiddo's to play
Come check her out, she is
This was Violet's life before rescue
Poor lily lived like this before rescue
Lily is a 2 year old Lab/Beagle mix
about 30 lbs.  She was rescued off
the end of a chain.
She is sweet, loving and social.
Lily likes other dogs and loves kids.
She is house trained and very pretty.
Come give her the life she deserves
and make her a part of your family
Sammie is a sweet 6 year old Shepherd/Beagle
mix female.  She is well mannered, low energy,
house trained, and likes car rides.
She does well with older kids who won't chase
her as she prefers to walk these days.
She would be great for an empty nester looking
for a sweet friend.
Roxy is a 3 year old Pittie mix female who is a
wonderful dog. She is house trained, likes
other dogs, cats too, kids, adults, car rides and
she acts like a lab and enjoys retrieving.
She has good house manners and does not
need crated in the home.

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