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Hope Animal Rescues "Puppies" Page
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Please note: Hope Rescues does NOT take puppies to off site
adoption events in order to keep the puppies from being exposed
to any adult dog diseases.
Only approved applicants will be allowed to set up visits on site.

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Elvis is a 5 month old Boxer/Pointer mix male.
He is friendly and social, good with all animals.
If you like the look of a Great Dane but don't
want a dog that big he is a perfect match for you.
We think he will top out at 70lbs full grown.
Great puppy.
Madonna is a 5 month old female Boxer/Pointer
Looks like a Dane but will be half the size..
She is social and friendly, great with all animals.
Really sweet girl.
Reba is a 5 month old Boxer/Pointer mix female.
She is the alpha of her litter..Extremely smart but
going to be bossy with other dogs.
She goes to doggie daycare everyday and does very
She is a pretty girl, her coat is not black it is a very
deep brown and it shines in the sun light.
Nelson is an 8 week old Lab Mix puppy with pretty green
We expect him to be Lab size too and top out at around
70 lbs.
He is super friendly with everyone he meets and does
great with other dogs too.