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To see other adoptable pets in your
area simply click the Adopt-a-Pet
logo to the left.
Please note: Hope Rescues does NOT take puppies to off site
adoption events in order to keep the puppies from being exposed
to any adult dog diseases.
Only approved applicants will be allowed to set up visits on site.
Twinkie is an adorable little Shepherd mix
female. She is only 12 weeks old so we do not
yet know how big she will get nor is our guess
on what she is accurate
She is very sweet and friendly, likes kids and
other animals too.
Twinkie has a very cute personality.
Samantha is a 4 month old Beagle/Lab female pup.
All her siblings have been adopted and she is still
hoping to get a home by Christmas.
Sammie is friendly, loves other dogs and all people.
We believe she will get maybe 35 lbs when full
She is a doll.