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area simply click the Adopt-a-Pet
logo to the left.
Olivia is a 7 month old female Pittie mix. She is small in stature
and so adorable.  Someone took and cut her ears off all the way
down to her head, so sad.  She is so sweet and loves to be loved.
She appears to be good with other animals and for sure LOVES all
people including kids.
Lilly is a 4 month old Pittie Mix female. She is a little
bundle of trouble making fun. She will need an owner who
can handle a strong minded puppy.  She is bull headed and
will test you if you are not consistent.
Lilly goes to play groups and does well with the older dogs
but so far none of the older dogs have corrected her in
play so she has gotten away with being rude which needs
to stop before she is an adult.
She is a happy, happy girl and has no idea at all that she
is being bad.
Lilo is a 5 month old
Basset/Pit/Husky mix female.  She is
absolutely adorable and loves to
show off her ability to sit for anyone
and everyone. She gets along with
cats,dogs and all people. She is
house trained, crate trained, and
walks very well on her leash.
We think she may weigh around 45
lbs when full grown but be very short.
She was rescued in East St. Louis by
a kind person who saw she was sick.
She has of course been healed and is
in great health today.
Chibbs is a 4 month old Boxer with something
scruffy in him.  He is a doll and loves belly rubs.
He is crate trained and 99% house trained
He gets along well with other dogs is curious
about cats and loves all people.
Butterfly is a beautiful Lab mix female.
She has long gorgeous legs, a pretty smile
and is named for her personality..She is a
social butterfly.
She gets along well with other dogs and
loves all people.
We think she will be lab size when full
grown. Right now we estimate her to be
about 8 months old.
Fletcher is a 9 month old Rottweiler/Cattle
dog mix male.
He was saved on his last day of life from
animal control.
He gets along great with other dogs and
plays everyday in a group.
He is house trained, knows sit,shake among
other things and is really a good dog.
We think he will stay pretty short like a
cattle dog but his body is thick like a
Rottweiler. He has a cute wiggly butt with a
stubby tail.
2 Beagle boys
These two handsome fellas are
the last of the Beagle litter.
They are very well socialized
and love all other animals.
They enjoy the company of
people and are 99% house
trained and crate trained too.
Right now they are 4 months old.