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In Memory of the ones we could not save....
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To see other adoptable pets in your
area simply click the Adopt-a-Pet
logo to the left.
Please note: Hope Rescues does NOT take puppies to off site
adoption events in order to keep the puppies from being exposed
to any adult dog diseases.
Only approved applicants will be allowed to set up visits on site.
3 Jack Russell mix puppies..
Ready 5-29-15
You may apply now for one of these adorable puppies who will be able
to go home on 5-29-2015.
We think they are Jack Russell mixes as one has a bobbed tail and
their ears sit like a Jack Russell ears do.
They are all very friendly and social and love everyone.
We think they may get to 40 lbs or so when full grown but do not
honestly know...
There only girl is the Black and White one.
Leo is between 6 and 10 months old and we
believe he is a Boston Terrier/Lab mix as one
of our founders has one and the two are a lot
He is very well mannered, friendly and social.
We expect him to get maybe 40 lbs when full
He is a doll in person and any family will be
lucky to have such a good dog as part of the