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In Memory of the ones we could not save....
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To see other adoptable pets in your
area simply click the Adopt-a-Pet
logo to the left.
Avery - she is an 8 month old Black lab Mix female who we have been
trying to catch on Elm Street in Alton for 2 weeks..Finally got her and
wouldn't you know it her owners never called ac looking for her so now
she can find a better home. She is very sweet, submissive, house
trained and loves EVERYONE.
Aubrey - This very pretty sweet lab mix girl was found by a nice
person who made sure she was saved from ac. She is about 9
months old and knows sit, lay down and walks very nice on her
leash. She is just a doll.
Special Needs Boys
Cubby is part of this litter but as a
tiny puppy he got an infection in his
eye that caused him to lose the eye.
Hope rescues will have the eye
surgically shut at the time of his
He is very social, very friendly, and
very smart.
These puppies were born to a
gorgeous pure bred Black Lab that
we rescued from animal control.
We have been trying to figure out
why anyone would dump such a dog
with lab puppies.
What we think happened (just a
guess) is that the famil ywas trying
to breed her with another lab and
maybe a hound was caught with her
so they dumped fearing they would
have mixed breed dogs and not pure
bred labs.
The thing is only one of her puppies
is a hound lab mix so the hound was
not the only father in this litter.
The others are obvious pure bred
The milk man's baby.
Lab puppies ready 9-6-14. Taking
applications now for their homes.
3 pretty Boston/Pit mix girls
Penelope,Pixie and Petunia were all taken to animal control to be
destroyed as an unwanted litter of puppies.  They are just babies at 4
months old.
They are sweet, cuddly and very deserving of the love a family has to
offer them.
We think they may get to 50lbs but they will not get very tall.
They are good with other dogs, cats and children.
Sugar is a 6 month old Lab mix female who is just as sweet as she
can be.  LOVES to snuggle right up to you, loves car rides, loves
kids, loves other dogs and cats too.
She is precious and very pretty indeed.
Her owner bought her then moved away leaving her in the back
yard with no family.
She is just a baby and we thought there must be someone out
there who would love to have a pretty girl like her of their very
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a 6 month old deaf
American Bulldog mix female.
She loves other dogs and kids too.
She even likes cats.
This pretty girl is well behaved and
would make any family a wonderful
furry friend.
Her only flaw is that she cannot hear
and that can easily be managed by
hand signals and the use of lights or
a vibrating collar.
Look at that face...How could you
not fall in love with her?
Rascall has been
diagnosed with Epilepsy
but his meds have
prevented any further
It is possible he will grow
out of it but we do not know
at this time.
Please note: Hope Rescues does NOT take puppies to off site
adoption events in order to keep the puppies from being exposed
to any adult dog diseases.
Only approved applicants will be allowed to set up visits on site.