Chloe has had a rough life.  She is a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier female, Silver grey in color. Her owner was not responsible and did not teach her any manners at all. She had gotten into trouble for running at large several times because her owner would never leash her, nor did he have a fenced yard to let her out in, so he just let her out.Well you can imagine the havoc she caused being 78 lbs and running at large with no manners. She has been with us now for a couple months and has learned how to walk on leash, sit, shake, along with some other basic manners that she really did need. Now she is a nice dog and understand more how to act around people and not jump all crazy on you. This girl is really pretty in person with the most beautiful color coat and eyes. Just a sweetie in nature that someone just didn't teach well.

The Sashidharan Family is the sponsor
of Chloe.  They are donating monthly to
her care until her forever home is found.